Go Ahead, America. Give us your toughest color problems. We've got your back, Coast to Coast.

When You Need An Exact Match, You’ve Got Us. We Fix It And Keep You Moving Forward.™
Color problems can plague even the best. You deserve advice and service from the only experts who have engineered exclusive, as-permanent fixes with The Most Natural Colors On Earth. Go ahead. Bring us your toughest color problems, and worry no more. Put it all behind you: no more headaches and sleepless nights over mismatches and project delays, or stressing over color that just won’t turn out right; we’ve got your back. We Fix It Fast and Keep YOU Moving Forward.

Exact Match Masonry Staining™  takes the stress, frustration, and negativity out of mismatched masonry, helping resolve color problems flawlessly, keeping deserving customers happy with the quality materials they purchased and reassuring them of the high quality of workmanship. With a 30 Year Limited Color Warranty that guarantees no fade or color change owners appreciate that our process is completely maintenance free. 50  Year ASTM Weather Testing proves that our products stand up to the harshest conditions possible in North America for UV and Freeze-thaw exposure. There are no drawbacks to our process whatsoever, which means that masonry should never be rejected or torn down for just a color issue. Tearing out masonry is not industry recommended, because it is very invasive, which causes risks to surrounding surfaces, project delays, and is not a guaranteed solution. Others have found that ordering more masonry or trying to get mortar to match the second time around was no better and caused worse complications. This is why the industry relies on us as the better way. You’ll get superior customer service from you first call or email to us. You’ll be provided with complete support and answers from our highly professional office staff and our experienced technical team when you or your customers have concerns or questions.  Expect a fair and accurate quote, quick scheduling, fast, non-invasive solutions to put the problem quickly behind you, and of course, Exact Match results. We’ll Fix It Fast and Keep You Moving Forward, assured that quick resolution will keep your customer loyal and happy. From your first call to Exact Match through the final handshake when your customer is closing the project and thanking you for a job well done, you’ll discover why we’re truly and Exact Match for America’s Masonry™.

Masonry Demonstration for the Mason Contractors Association of America:  During MCAA’s Masonrypalooza 2015, Matthew Gill, Vice President of Operations at Exact Match Masonry Staining, LLC, was asked to introduce one of the most very basic types of staining for a demonstration for attendees in which yellow brick is transformed into red brick, and dark mortar is stained lighter.  All color creation took place in the hours in advance to save time. Attendees were then given the chance to apply the color later on (not shown on the video), and all discovered that even just the application process alone requires a great deal of skill and expertise. Project manager trainees are hand-trained for approximately two years minimum before they are permitted to create color or manage a project.
Our Masonry Staining Services

Manufactured Stone Staining Services

Trust the experts who know how to match stone color and how to stain stone veneer, preserving the beautiful, natural texture while transforming the color to virtually anything desired. We’re the only industry-wide accepted solution for how to match discontinued stone, how to fix stone color mismatches, or how to fix pressure washed stone color damage.

Natural Stone Staining Services

Needing info about how to match natural stone, staining natural stone, or how to change the color of natural stone to an exact match to any color?  Our end results are as maintenance-free, breathable and natural looking as any natural stone should be.

Cast Stone Staining Services

Exact Match is the trusted resource for Cast Stone Institute Members and others for how to match cast stone color, including patches, and is the only industry wide accepted process for how to change the color of cast stone.  Results achieved are generally as sheer, natural, and believable as any unstained cast stone, and as always, the stone is breathable and maintenance free as before the color change.

PreCast Concrete Staining Services

Our team of experts have a flawless track record of success for staining precast to an exact match, changing the color of precast, and  we know how to get any custom color for precast while keeping it maintenance free. Paint is never recommended for precast as it fades, peels and chips. Other coatings offer no guarantee of performance or color warranty whatsoever, while Exact Match provides an as-available 30 Year Limited Warranty for incredible value for the dollar.

Block Staining Services

Exact Match Masonry Staining pioneered exclusive techniques and products, and no one knows better how to match concrete masonry block color. Our company created the technique for how to match block aggregate color and how to stain ground face block without changing the color of aggregate as needed.We know how to fix efflorescence on block and how to fix acid burns on block. Staining block the right way requires extreme skill and care and the right products and our exclusive techniques. Trust the team with perfect color acuity and 50 Year plus Weather Tested products for your block stain projects.

Retaining Wall Staining Services

Our team is the trusted resource for how to fix retaining wall color, and has expertise for how to custom color retaining wall block. Precast companies and concrete block companies  trust us on a regular basis to provide an exact match for retaining wall block, from single colors to complex, multiple color applications that bring to life the look of natural rock with beautiful precision. Custom color  guaranteed not to fade or change by an as-available 30 Year Limited Warranty backed by 50 Year Weather Testing make ExactMatch the industry’s best solution for how to color retaining walls.

Brick Staining Services

We are known as the ultimate brick staining company, with expert exact match solutions for fixing brick color problems, fixing dye lot mismatches, for how to match brick repairs, how to match brick fill ins, how to match historic brick and more. Can brick be stained to match? How do I match discontinued brick?  If you need to know how to match brick color exactly, how to change the color of brick, how to fix brick wash down damage, fixing efflorescence on brick, our process leaves brick as maintenance free and natural, breathable and breathtakingly beautiful as unstained brick.

Mortar Staining Services

Mortar color can vary for many reasons, and sometimes a cause can’t be determined. USA and European mortar manufacturers alike rely on our only industry -wide accepted solution for how to match mortar. Day in and day out, we get an exact match for mortar with immediate, as-permanent, successful results that look as natural as any mortar. Mortar will be the uniform desired color within minutes as our custom product integrates with the mortar and the color will not fade or change. Sometimes mortar needs to be lightened, other times, the industry relies on our expertise to know how to darken mortar. We know how to fix mortar mismatches even when the color varies throughout the project, and a 30 Year Warranty is appreciated by owners and architects alike.

Concrete Staining Services

Exact Match has solutions for how to stain concrete, how to renew concrete color, and how to match concrete color. From poured concrete walls to walkways, concrete patios, indoor concrete floors, to pool surrounds and more, satisfied clients report being pleased with getting the best results and the best value for their dollars invested in a new look, custom color for concrete or an exact match to any color.

Graffiti Removal Services

Exact Match Masonry Staining is the industry’s secret weapon for graffiti removal and prevention. Graffiti removal takes skill, the right products, and staining is often the final step to restore the former appearance.  Restoration companies, insurance companies and more trust us for how to safely remove graffiti from masonry, including removing graffiti from split face block, and removing graffiti from brick and mortar. We are experts at how to restore a wall of graffiti to it’s original look when graffiti shadows remain and we often fix masonry color that was damaged during washing or graffiti removal. We also have the solution for how to protect walls from graffiti damage, our EXMS 400 Series AntiGraffiti coating.

Historic Restoration Services

Exact Match Masonry Staining provides the final touch needed for historic brick restoration. Historic building preservation requires matching new repairs to surrounding aged masonry color, and, when cleaning is often not enough, staining for masonry restoration safely returns historic buildings to their original appearance. Matching brick, block, mortar, stone, terracotta, precast or other concrete is what we do best, on masonry from any era. Our extensively lab tested products are sheer, breathable, natural, and will never cause future maintenance. We’re an Exact Match for historic restoration.