Stone Strong Walls Custom Colored to Beautify Lake Front Beach Area


This Michigan homeowner decided to put a Stone Strong wall system at the back of his lake shore cottage weekend getaway residence. The Stone Strong, before, in the uncolored photos, shows color variations throughout, which is to be expected for even very high quality precast products like these.

Soil, rain water darkening the wall blocks, and other contaminants can’t be disguised by the uncolored, still plain concrete. Plain Concrete Is Incomplete. Owners and architects know, the only way to guarantee a uniform and natural appearance on Stone Strong is to complete the wall with The Most Natural Colors on Earth ™, exclusively custom created and installed by the experts at Exact Match Masonry Staining.


We use proven products and exclusively developed, creative techniques to take a plain concrete wall and transform it to The Look of Real Rock ™ in just one service call from our team of experts. Call today for your quote. You will be thrilled with the stunning results of your new custom color. “The lake front patio and beach area has never been so beautiful!  Thank you, and I will recommend you.”