Correcting Mismatched Natural Stone

After: How to fix mismatched natural stone


The BMW Motorrad division at the BMW dealership in Manhattan, NY has one entrance that required some maintenance, including natural stone replacement. In cases like this, it truly may be impossible to match natural stone without our process, as there are naturally color shifts in quarries, or even veins in certain quarries where natural stone was unique to that particular vein and will never again appear the same color from production run to production run. This is to be expected, but sometimes, it becomes a problem. Whether natural stone is mined from the earth as entirely an undesirable color, or whether unsightly veins of color or unwanted shifts in areas of color are found in even the highest end natural stone, causing delays and frustration for Designers, Contractors and Owners alike, we can help. We do recommend that installers choose stone in the same texture and size as the original stone, and our elite team will provide an exact match for natural stone for entire panels or walls of stone just like this one. We also have a long history of success in knowing how to remove unsightly veining on natural stone which may be causing a problem.


Exact Match Masonry Staining has the time proven, lab tested, results guaranteed solution for how to fix mismatched natural stone. We have a process for how to darken stone that is too light, a process for how to lighten stone that is too dark and a process for how to change stone color to match surrounding stone so flawlessly that one would never know that a mismatch had ever happened. Natural stone, especially a large expanse of natural stone such as this, must be approached with utmost care, the highest levels of training for color creation and application, and with only the correct, technically excellent, professional formulations, techniques and tools. The color must be created on site with care and applied in such a way that the natural beauty of the stone is not covered in any way but enhanced, including all natural variations one would expect to see on natural stone.

The Owners, passersby and BMW clients who visit the Motorrad entrance will be able to focus on the offerings in the showroom, and not the mismatch that once was on the exterior of the building. Success stories like this happen every day with our team on the job. Why not drop a message now on the Contact Us page or reach out by phone? We’re here to help.