Gray Brick and Mortar Color Update


This homeowner was ready for a modern, clean and elegant refresh for her vintage red brick color and classic uncolored mortar. Modernizing other areas of the home, the brick color looked even more out of place.

Searching for how to update her brick color, she found a recommendation to contact Exact Match Masonry Staining, LLC. The dated, red look that was behind the times for the progressive remodel and neighborhood was now updated without mess, dumpsters, demolition, new brick stacked around, scaffold and crews.

The homeowner also knew that this is how the brick industry recommends brick color be changed. Damage can easily result to surrounding windows, doors, trim and other materials on the home if demolition and replacement is chosen just for color.


When tearing masonry out, there is always a risk in breaking the building envelope that water infiltration may happen going forward.

These problems are prevented, as Instead, we quickly, quietly and expertly transformed her brick and mortar both to the exact custom colors she had always dreamed of.

Our color transformation gives the appearance that all new brick and mortar was placed on the home.