Graffiti Removal for Brick Medical Center

graffiti removal for brick


A highly respected pressure wash and cleaning company owner was contacted for help with removing graffiti from this medical building. After reviewing the project in person, he called Exact Match™ to ask if we would take over, knowing that cleaning would not be enough to remove the graffiti and that washing would likely remove the finish off of some of the brick.  We appreciate each and every referral we receive, it is the highest compliment, and we appreciate his explanation to the business owner that we are experts about how to remove graffiti from brick, and restore the brick’s original color.


We completed as much removal as was possible and began the color correction process very carefully and successfully. The owners and employees alike were very pleased with the coordination of services, the fast scheduling offered, and the exact match results provided. Moving quickly to clear away graffiti discourages repeat attacks, so don’t hesitate, call us today to report a graffiti problem and schedule the repair. Ask about our Anti-Graffiti coating to protect against future attacks by allowing fast and easy removal of common graffiti attacks.