How to Stain Orange Stone to Gray Colors, A Stunning Natural Stone and Mortar Color Change

staining limestone


This homeowner brought fresh curb appeal and raised her home’s value by updating her walkway with a lovely bluestone that brought in the timeless color range of elegant grays. A retaining wall planter which was existing already was still lighter gray colors.

The orange stone at the entrance of her home was an eyesore, and needed a serious update ,however tearing the stone out would have been costly and would risk damage to the door and risk breaking the intact seal against weather when only a color change was needed. The warm mortar color also needed an exact match to surrounding colors.

The mason who installed the walkway recommended a natural stone color expert masonry staining company be called in to tie in both the planter wall stone colors and mortar and the new walkway.


Natural stone must be stained by experts who will carefully change the color and yet carefully preserve the natural appearance, and when done by our team, the results are better than replacement, since we control the color completely.

The owner knew that she would not be stuck with any undesirable natural stone veining or unwanted variations; she could have exactly the colors and balance of color she wanted with no compromise. When we change the color of mortar, there is no wait for a 28 day cure time, hoping that the color will match, as our color change transforms the mortar color as-permanently and within minutes to the correct color, guaranteed.

The owner was in awe of the subtle variations still present in the stone, due to the careful color creation and layering process that only our expert team knows how to provide. Visitors to her home believe that she somehow located the perfect natural stone to replace the old stone with, and her entrance way is now stunning as intended, with no dust, noise or demolition or searching for natural stone to be shipped in hopes that it may look right. We’re an Exact Match for Natural Stone.