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Precast concrete companies and concrete block companies both trust Exact Match Masonry Staining for retaining wall color correction and custom retaining wall color. We specialize in staining concrete segmental retaining wall block and staining large format segmental retaining wall block both. From one natural looking color to intricate, multiple color applications that bring to life the look of natural rock with beautiful precision, we provide sheer and natural custom color guaranteed not to fade or change by an as-available 30 Year Limited Warranty backed by 50 Year Weather Testing make Exact Match the industry’s best solution for how to color retaining walls. Manufacturers say a 30 Year Color Warranty increases value for their customers, giving unlimited color and customization options and guaranteeing consistent and beautiful color. Customers can also build their walls in stages, knowing that color will be as consistent on the first wall as the very last installed, no matter how much time elapses between phases. Quick Facts about our Retaining Wall Staining Services:


  • Experts at matching even multi color or swirled color Concrete SRW (Segmental Retaining Wall) block
  • Experts at matching Aggregate Color for Concrete SRW block
  • Custom colors of any kind can match any other colors on the site or any color scheme for branding
  • Walls are as breathable and maintenance free as any unstained block
  • Color is as sheer and natural as any unstained block and are undetectable from unstained units

Problems We Tackle For You:

  • Color correction for retaining wall dye lot or color mismatches
  • Fixing retaining wall block color efflorescence damage
  • Correcting wash down mishaps, wand marks and color fading
  • Color matching a new retaining wall to old retaining wall
  • Color Matching an old retaining wall to a new one or renewing the appearance

Benefits Precast Wall Producers Appreciate:

  • Immediate, dramatic boost in color quality, giving a clear competitive edge
  • Keeps Sales team focused on sales: no service callbacks or color issues to revisit
  • Keeps QC and Plant Management focused on production instead of color issues
  • Custom color is possible on any block pattern at any time without involving plant production changes
  • Boosts profit, no risk of loss over rejection of materials for undesirable color
  • Plant may produce block as blank in any quantity, and ask us to custom color after the fact
  • Competitive edge: offer any custom color or range of colors
  • Competitive edge: offer a 30 Year Long Limited Color Warranty
  • Competitive edge: repeat sales with guaranteed exact match from the first block to the last
  • Guaranteed exact match, even if walls are ordered, produced and installed in stages
  • Excellent service experience for precast companies, installers and end users
  • Results exceed customers’ expectations encourage repeat sales

Ask us about our specialized planning, and we can send our VP Operations to your plant to hear your needs and help find options to maximize your sales volume and profitability.

Retaining Wall Staining Services

Exact Match Masonry Staining specializes in creating custom natural rock colors.
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