Historic Restoration Gallery

Architects who specialize in adaptive reuse and restoration, restoration masons and general contractors who specialize in historic restoration trust Exact Match when masonry staining is needed to provide the desired level of restoration. Very often, cleaning is not enough to restore masonry to its historically accurate former glory.  Cleaning too harshly will damage old, delicate masonry and possibly damage surrounding building materials also. When masonry is repaired as needed by a restoration mason, cleaned as thoroughly and safely as possible, and staining is used as the final touch, historic masonry restoration is taken to a whole new level! Choose the same size and texture of masonry for repair and additions, ideally in a uniform color, and we will provide an exact match for the color, once installed. Please contact us for details, we can provide restoration cleaning or will partner with a mason who will provide repairs and cleaning as preparation for our staining services. We flawlessly transform masonry color with historical accuracy, whether lighter or darker to assist with:

  • Matching or recreating the color of Discontinued Masonry
  • Correcting the color of soiled, aged, weathered masonry to its original glory after cleaning has not achieved the right result
  • Correcting shadowing hidden behind signage or other uneven color problems
  • Recreating the color of highly customized masonry (a limestone book carving, 1930’s terracotta molded and colorized trim, etc;)
  • Cost Prohibitive Custom Order Masonry Which Won’t Be Close Enough to Match
  • Restoring or Renewing Historic Masonry to Original Appearance
  • “Aging” or weathering the appearance of newly installed or newly repaired masonry
  • Matching tuckpointed or repointed mortar joints
  • Matching Patched or Repaired Masonry
  • Correcting wash down mishaps, including the removal of historic sand or whitewash finish, and correcting wand marks and color fading
  • Matching additions
  • Matching masonry for adaptive reuse for historic buildings (using an old school, warehouse, or other building again for a whole new purpose rather than tearing down a valuable piece of history).