Patriot Place at Gillette Stadium, Exact Match to Existing Redi-Rock®


Redi-Rock® Walls installed several years apart need to be an exact match for the enjoyment of the visiting fans at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots.


Patriot Place at Gillette Stadium and the New England Patriots are known and loved by fans around the world. Redi-Rock is also known world-wide, and our color process is ideal for the updates made to the stadium exterior’s Redi-Rock walls.

Produced by Carroll Concrete Products, Redi-Rock of New England provided beautiful walls for the project outside of the stadium for fans to admire. When still more new walls were needed to be installed for some changes, they referred our firm to the general contractor so to ensure the Redi-Rock would be an exact match to previous retaining walls in the stadium.

Not only did we provide an exact match to surrounding Redi-Rock flawlessly, but we performed the work under tight time frames and with smooth coordination.

Trust Exact Match and The Most Natural Colors On Earth™ for the highest profile projects. We’re an Exact Match for Patriot Place.