Services for Masonry Manufacturers & Distributors

Masonry Staining Services for Manufacturers and Distributors

Masonry is made from natural materials mined from the earth, so even the very best products will have expected natural and beautiful color variations. When variations become a problem, call Exact Match Masonry Staining. We will get to work ensuring that all involved are pleased with the quality of the materials they chose, keeping deliveries and installation moving forward on time, which helps invoices get paid on time, and keeps customers happy with the high quality of your products and ensuring reorders and repeat business. We have solutions for specific problems, such as efflorescence damage, or discontinued masonry. We can often change the color of ground face block while preserving aggregate color, and for split face block, we can match and recreate aggregate colors as well.

Boosting Profits and Fixing Color Quality Issues in Production Permanently:

Exact Match also partners with manufacturers to provide custom color or to take over coloration of masonry products completely, removing the frustration, stress, callbacks and losses from producing masonry and stone colors that are difficult to achieve or control consistently in the factory. Manufacturers can focus on what they do best, which is selling and producing their products, often times mass producing them in blanks more cost-effectively for quick delivery, knowing that Exact Match will follow up with providing any desired color or color palette and offer a 30 Year Limited Warranty against color fading or change as an added value for your competitive edge. Contact us for a consult with our VP Operations at your plant and a plan of action tailored boost sales and profitability.


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