PreCast Concrete Project Gallery

Precast producers and their referrals all across the USA trust Exact Match as their precast staining company on a regular basis. Paint is not ever recommended for Precast, creating a permanent maintenance expense! Exact Match can apply custom color to match any paint chip or any color pointed out to us. Premium building materials such as beautiful precast on building exteriors and accessory pieces made from precast, precast rock pattern walls, and even large format segmental retaining walls (featured on their own gallery page here) require expert and flawless color correction and the highest quality custom color. We are called in for color correction or to help design retaining wall color for some of the highest profile Precast wall and panel projects across the USA.

Clients Across the USA rely on Exact Match as their Go To Precast Color Resource for:

  • Truly maintenance free coloring for any amount square footage of Precast/Tilt up,in an one solid or multiple colors
  • Our own Guaranteed Compatible Breathable Sealant for application over top of our stain colors or alone for Precast/Tilt up Buildings
  • Incorrect ordering
  • Change Orders
  • Custom Requests
  • Color correction for Precast patching
  • Restoration of Precast color after patching and repair to original color
  • Visually “aging” or “weathering” new Precast for historic restoration
  • Correcting wash down mishaps, wand marks and color fading
  • Correcting stains caused by packing material and yard or site damage

Ask us about Precast patching as well as staining services.