Staining Concrete Block on a Home

staining concrete block


When this home went on the market, an area couple expressed interest in purchasing almost immediately, but were hesitant due to the bright pink of the split-face, brick-sized blocks. This led the potential buyer to a local block company for advice, and thankfully, the block company knew to refer him directly to us for help with staining concrete block and masonry.


We provided a quote, and knowing the very reasonable cost and guarantee of success, the husband confidently made an offer on the house. The bid was accepted, and the enthusiastic owner-to- be scheduled our team to arrive one day after closing on the home to make the dramatic color change. Knowing that the block is as maintenance free and natural looking as before, the new owner increased the value of his home the day after he purchased it by dramatically increasing curb-appeal. They were excited about moving right in and entertaining guests, all the while loving the color of their new home with no further concerns about the color they had gladly put behind them for good.