Matching An Old Bank Building to A New Brick and Mortar Addition


new brick and mortar addition


This financial institution decided to build an addition onto its main headquarters campus. The bank and the administrative offices both remained in service for customers and employees while our team worked quietly and efficiently with our environmentally friendly, no-odor, water-based system.


Our exclusive process will transform the existing old and tired looking building to the same beautiful colors as the brand new addition. The cost savings, Exact Match results and a fast, one week project turnaround kept the project moving on schedule and customers flowing in and out of the facility with no interruptions. Our team carefully timed work around door ways and adjusted our plan of approach.

The cost savings over tearing down and re-bricking the exterior of the old building made this project a complete success for the owner.

For maintenance-free color transformations that will get an exact match for a building addition, call the very best Exact Match Masonry Staining. Coast to Coast, companies trust exact match for unparalleled results and service experience for their brick staining to match additions.