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Unearth The High-End Look of Real Rock for Your Retaining Wall.™
Exact Match Exclusively Offers The Most Natural Colors On Earth.™

Redi-Rock® is a trademark of Redi-Rock International, LLC

Exact Match is the Elite Team of Retaining Wall color Experts recommended throughout North America for Excellence. Naturally, we can make your Redi-Rock® wall look better than you ever dreamed possible. 

You deserve even more, and we deliver it. Get the best color warranty, The Most Natural Colors on Earth™, and an efficient, excellent service experience.

Redi-Rock® is a rock-solid wall system and a sound investment. Beautiful textures such as Ledgestone, Cobblestone or Limestone are carefully laser mapped from natural stone to create premium looking textures.  It makes sense that owners are showing that texture off with color of exceptional quality.

Owners also know that Plain Concrete is Incomplete™. Time and weathering will stain a plain concrete wall in undesirable ways, even a new wall. A simple rain storm leaves behind splotchy concrete, unevenly darkened and soiled from rain and soil run off that are visible every day on plain concrete. It’s no wonder, then, why our process is so popular to complete, protect and enhance the walls owners invest in. Owners agree that it just makes sense to Control Your Color™ by finishing the wall to one of our popular standard colors, and in any intensity you wish for!  Don’t see a Standard Color that works on your site? Our experts have something just for you, no exceptions. Just show us any rock, and we’ll get you Redi-Rock that matches. Yes, you can choose any custom colors you wish! Simply contact us and we’ll walk you through the easy and enjoyable color selection process with our pros.


Photo Above, features a sample panel of work in process:  Before: Top left two rock faces, unstained, After: right rock faces and bottom rock faces: plain concrete is transformed to The Look of Real Rock™. The Redi-Rock® Ledgestone custom, 7 color process replicated natural stone quarried near by, and also incorporated color from the memorial stones placed in front of it.

Got Natural Stone to match exactly? No sweat! Granite? You’ve got it. Limestone? Let’s go!

Just show us any rock you’ve got, we’ll you get a Redi-Rock® wall that matches.

All Redi-Rock®, such as Ledgestone, Cobblestone, Limestone and Pole Base transforms to The Look of Real Rock™ with The Most Natural Colors on Earth™!

Standard Redi-Rock® Color Selections for North America:

Ledgestone | Sorrel Canyon Rose™

Sorrel Canyon Rose™

Ledgestone | Castle Gate Gray™

Castle Gate Gray

Ledgestone | Ozark Bluffs Beige™

Ozark Bluffs Beige™

Ledgestone | Mount Mansfield Summit Gray™

Mount Mansfield Summit Gray™
The above examples of colors designed for Ledgestone can be incorporated on to any Redi-Rock ® texture. These colors above are available anywhere in North America, and intensity of color can be customized just for you. Please remember, however, that any custom color range can be created, not just the above! Contact us today about any custom color range you wish for, we’re here to help!

Redi-Rock® Limestone is Colored to Look Like it’s Chiseled right from the Adirondack Mountains

This Redi-Rock® Limestone Retaining Wall project was constructed adjacent to beautiful natural stone. A stunning, 5 color process with a gorgeous, high-end, natural stone finish, with The Most Natural Colors on Earth ™ customized just for this site, created walls so beautiful and believable that it looks like the Redi-Rock® wall was quarried right from the site! Contact us today about our 5 to 6 custom color process that looks just like natural stone! We’re an Exact Match for Retaining Walls throughout North America, so contact us for your quote or to ask more questions today.

The Redi-Rock® Limestone was stained with a completely custom color range using five colors and a careful and artistic process that highlights the details in the pattern. The color of any natural nearby cliffs and the large rock sitting above were inspiration. Areas of the Redi-Rock® Limestone pattern area very intricately molded, but not obvious to a casual observer without color.


Redi-Rock® Cobblestone Walls to Natural Stone

Contact Exact Match today to find out how our work on Redi-Rock Cobblestone creates a high-end natural stone look to enjoy for years to come and can match the stone in your region.
Cobblestone is a preferred wall texture in many applications for its simplicity and Old-World charm. The look of stacked stone in Redi-Rock’s Cobblestone’s realistic proportions is truly beautiful when transformed by us from plain concrete to simply stunning, with The Most Natural Colors on Earth ™.


Redi-Rock® Ledgestone

Residential Redi-Rock Walls Blend in to Nature: Redi-Rock Ledgestone Showcases Our Popular Standard Color, Redi-Rock Ledgestone Sorrel Canyon Rose.
The combination of Redi-Rock Ledgestone with our very popular Sorrel Canyon Rose ™ color is unbeatable! Sorrel Canyon Rose ™ features a beautiful, high-end, rich, deep, brown, punctuated with an ultra-natural iron rust accent. Both colors are expertly woven together in correct proportions and intensity to match natural rock over a neutral, widely appealing tan stone color base.


  • Want a warranty against fade or color change that adds incredible value over the years?

  • Want an expert team to take on the challenge of wall color for you to free your time and energy up?

  • Want the exact colors you or your client will expect every time, guaranteed, with no compromises?

  • Need a color process that guarantees one wall will match the next, and the next, even if the phases of building are years apart?

  • Want perfectly colored Redi-Rock ®, from the first block to the last, in the perfect, natural-looking ratios guaranteed?

  • Need to match the wall color to a stone home, stone building, near by natural rock or another material or wall already present?

  • Need a coloring process that assures that dings and scratches during shipment or installation will not be a problem at all when we’re done with the wall?

  • Need that natural rock look but better, and want Redi-Rock® colored to exclude unsightly veining and  unwanted variations sometimes found in natural rock?

  • Need more ways to recommend and install Redi-Rock®? Who else may need a Redi-Rock® Wall when owners understand we can match to any natural stone flawlessly, on your command?

  • Need an anti-graffiti system designed for your colored wall, with a further guarantee besides for more peace of mind?

Questions? Need Help With Color Selections?