A Company's Headquarters Gets A Masonry Staining Makeover in Light Gray

Masonry Staining Makeover


A growing company needed a new location for their corporate headquarters. They leased new space that was perfect for their predicted growth, however, the building needed an update that would stay in budget and yet give the company just the right image. Painting brick does cause a permanent maintenance cycle for the owners and tenant as well as risk to damage for spalling during the freeze-thaw cycles in this Pennsylvania location. The offices and warehouse are all under one roof, and the entire brand was represented by the appearance of this building. Areas of repair left unsightly mismatches in brick and mortar. Tired tan color looked soiled and needed a refresh. Not only customers had an opinion about the condition of the building, but potential new recruits and new employees would see the exterior.


The decision makers wisely refused to allow paint to reduce the building’s value. One beautiful gray color was chosen. Following a thorough, safe and careful cleaning done with EaCoChem products, our firm stained a customized lightest gray on the building in one coat. New, clean looking brick masonry greets employees as well as the owners, who were all thrilled with the results. We’ve got the only industry accepted solution for how to make old brick look new again on commercial properties like this one, and more. Whether leasing or owning a building, Exact Match has the ideal solution for changing brick and color without any maintenance or risk to damage to the masonry, guaranteed.