Graffiti Removal Gallery

Building owners, property management, insurance companies and their referrals trust Exact Match time and time again when the graffiti damage is done. Maintenance professionals may or may not have the training necessary to perform initial cleaning, and sometimes, harsh cleaning with chemicals or pressure washing with the incorrect tip, placed too close to the masonry wall can cause wand marks, pitting of the masonry, or other damage. Often times even harsh cleaning does not result in complete removal of the graffiti, and two types of damage are apparent: the color and or sand or special white wash finish have been taken off the brick, and the graffiti shadow may still remain. Studies show that when graffiti shadows remain, the area is likely to be targeted again. For best results, complete removal and restoration of the color actually deters graffiti artists from returning to the same place.

If the area is high risk for repeat graffiti attacks, ask Exact Match about our EXMS 400 Series Anti Graffiti coating, which allows typical graffiti to be removed with one simple cleaning chemical which is easy to locate and use. Exact Match continues to develop the graffiti prevention market, so check with our offices for pricing and details.

We flawlessly get an exact match for masonry impacted by graffiti, whether lighter or darker to assist with:

  • Graffiti Shadowing
  • Pressure Wash Color Damage from Graffiti Removal or otherwise
  • Correcting wash down mishaps, wand marks and color fading
  • Complete removal of graffiti from masonry, getting an exact match to original color appearance.