Services for Masonry Contractors

Masonry Staining Services for Masonry Contractors


The best new construction masonry contractor or masonry restoration contractor will find problems with masonry color at times. Given the tough economy in construction, delays and focusing on color issues can cause a negative chain reaction for all. Exact Match can help projects complete on time, help punch list items go away, get payments get released on time, all helping to protect critical profit margins. We work hard to ensure satisfaction, which can free you up to move on to the next, profitable project while positive word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied owners drive future business your way.

Many good and skilled masons cope with issues beyond their control: dye lot issues, mortar color mismatches, discontinued masonry, custom requests, efflorescence damage, wash down damage, and other expectations that cannot be met without Exact Match. Rejection of high quality work only for a simple color mismatch is a situation masons face. Masons get us involved to educate the parties involved as to what the industry recommendations are, and assure that masonry is never to be torn down, nor mortar cut out, for a quickly resolved color mismatch. Our process corrects the issue and also adds value to the project because the areas we correct can be covered by an as-available 30 Year Limited Warranty besides, which owners are pleasantly surprised to hear.

Contact Exact Match as your advocate at the first sign of a color issue for advice. There are steps that can be taken to avoid and minimize the situation if you reach out early enough. Get in touch for a quote today, many masons say they confidently bid on work they previously avoided over unresolvable color mismatches, knowing that they have a guaranteed and cost-effective way to get an exact match.


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