Binghamton University Limestone and Polished Ground Face Concrete Block Project

staining limestone


Binghamton, NY This newly constructed science building featured varying shades of natural Indiana Cut Limestone panels, with adjacent walls constructed with a polished, very smooth ground face concrete block.


Exact Match™ transformed the darker colored limestone panels to light colors by staining the limestone, which created the subtle range that the university wanted to achieve. The lightest of the ground face concrete block was also darkened to add another light and natural brown tone to the mix of  concrete block colors which already on the wall. We provided an exact match to the requested shade of brown, and at the same time, we did what is believed to be impossible, we did not change the aggregate color, which are the small bits of stone added to the mix when the concrete block is created. This means that the block which we stained looks just like all of the other block on the wall, however the background color was transformed to an exact match to the surrounding. Work was conducted around the flow of students and faculty with our no odor, low VOC, environmentally friendly products.