Updating the Brick and Mortar Color on a School Auditorium

Updating the Brick and Mortar Color on a School Auditorium


A school renovation project was underway, with funding spent on major improvements to the interior. The exterior of the school had time worn, tired-looking brick masonry which looked out of place especially at the old auditorium which stands 100 feet away from a newly constructed block building on campus.

For the old auditorium, three different phases of additions over the decades had caused mismatches on the building. More repairs and masonry patches from needed maintenance over the years also detracted from the appearance of the building.


Exact Match’s Brick and Mortar Staining Process is the industry’s answer for how to blend different phases of masonry construction and how to get an exact match for brick and mortar. Masons, owners and architects look to Exact Match Masonry Staining for how to update school building’s masonry with the most sensible and cost-effective solutions to renew the appearance of masonry.

Exact Match worked with the architect and owner to customize an identical color, inspired by the newly constructed block building about 100 feet away. Our custom color made all the difference to bring all three phases of construction to an exact match, inspired by the beautiful color of the block on the newest building.

Upon completion, the owner of the project expressed appreciation that they truly felt they had been given the look of a whole new building on the auditorium.

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