Concrete Project Gallery

Staining concrete with a water-based, environmentally friendly product like ours provides great and long lasting results, many of which are warrantied up to 30 Years for incredible value for the dollars spent correcting or renewing concrete or changing the color of concrete.  For walkways, driveways, and walkable horizontal surfaces, contact Exact Match for details about the warranty we can provide you with on a case by case basis. Vertical surfaces carry an up to 30 Year As-Available Warranty.

We flawlessly get an exact match for concrete, whether lighter or darker to assist with:

  • Color variations of unknown origin
  • Incorrect mix or color variations from changing concrete batches or aggregate materials, etc.
  • Change Orders, requiring work to be patched in later with color variations
  • Custom Requests
  • Restoration of concrete color after patching and repair to original color
  • Visually “aging” or “weathering” new concrete for historic restoration
  • Renewing aged concrete to original appearance
  • Correcting wash down mishaps, wand marks and color fading

Ask us about non slip grip adding to horizontal surfaces, as well as sealant application services.