Coloring Redi-Rock is essential: Completing Redi-Rock Walls At A Retention Pond With Natural Color to Beautify A Park and Neighborhood


The City who owned this wall decided to revamp the Retention Pond wall with beautiful Redi-Rock Ledgestone. While Retention Pond walls are often viewed by the public from many angles, they may sometimes be overlooked in the planning stages in one crucial way: choosing the natural color which is needed to complete the project for the enjoyment of the residents. 

Plain concrete is is incomplete, and subject to discoloration from block to block, and soil becomes very obvious over a short period of time.  Water or rain fall changes the look of the wall from day to day as well, creating an uneven look.


When a wall is viewed by people on a regular basis, taking the final step of completing the wall with natural color is very important. The City is proud to showcase their beautiful, natural color as residents and visitors enjoy the view of the wall while driving by, while looking out at the wall from their homes, and during recreation activities at the pond and in the park adjacent to the wall. 

The City also elected to protect the wall and natural color with our excellent Anti-Graffiti product, EXMS 400 Series, which allows any spray paint graffiti to be easily removed by their own maintenance team members. Ask us about a plan of action for your color project today.