Staining PreCast Stone Parking Garage Project

Staining PreCast Stone Parking Garage Project


This precast garage needed custom color, and the owner was pleased with the fast scheduling, reasonable pricing, friendly and responsive service, and final results that exceeded their expectations. We are an exact match for precast color needs!

Other coatings are not guaranteed at all, and studies show that paint causes permanent maintenance, often causing an out of pocket expense every few years. Building owners begin to notice failure, but wait until it becomes widespread enough to warrant removal of flaking and peeling coatings to apply still more.  The cost of having peeling, chipping, fading coatings on the building cost a company or property owner even more with the negative association when customers, tenants, visitors and passersby notice the problem.


Concrete experts recognize that Exact Match is the best resource for staining precast stone and precast concrete. Color on buildings is the necessary finishing touch, and while much is done to enhance a building’s interior, the first impression that people receive is based upon the exterior. All coatings are an investment for an owner, but some are a far better value than others because they require virtually no maintenance.

Many precast structures and buildings require color once construction is complete. While there are many coatings that could be applied to improve the final appearance, only our company has the rock solid lab testing and custom product which will provide an amazing, natural looking, maintenance free result that every precast building deserves. Custom effects, custom colors for branding, and even requests for sealant or special graffiti protection as a final step for the building are all part of Exact Match’s area of expertise.