Stone Strong Systems® Project Gallery The Most Natural Colors on Earth™ Exclusively by Exact Match

Exact Match’s exclusive Stonehenge Tan™ is featured on Stone Strong ®  Fractured Ledge pattern.

All four of our Fractured Ledge Colors also debuted at the Stone Strong precast plant tour at Lindsey Precast and The Precast Show 2018, Denver, Colorado.

Stone Strong Systems® Recommends Exact Match for The Most Natural Colors on Earth ™ throughout North America.

Plain Concrete is Incomplete™!


The Challenge: Plain concrete looks like plain concrete. It varies in color, and further discolors from soil, rain and natural weathering. 


The Solution: Control your color! 

We’ll transform your Stone Strong ® with The Most Natural Colors On Earth™ and you’ll believe you’re looking at real stone!

• Need a warranty against fade or color change that adds incredible value over the years?

• What would change if you were guaranteed the exact colors you want every time, with no compromises?

• How would it help when we match retaining walls flawlessly, even when phases of construction are done years apart?

• Would you like perfectly colored Stone Strong ®, from one end of the wall to the other, and in the perfect, natural-looking ratios?

• How much would it help to have a coloring process that assures that dings and scratches during shipment or installation will not be a problem at all when we’re done with the wall?

• How much better is Stone Strong ® than natural rock? Can you imagine natural looking Stone where we will “eliminate” unsightly veining and and unwanted variations sometimes found in nature? Seeing is believing!

• What if we guarantee we WILL match your Stone Strong ®  to any local natural stone flawlessly on your command? Ask us about our 6-color process today that matches any natural stone color!

Stone Strong ® Fractured Ledge

Stonehenge Tan ™

Castle Gate Gray

Mocha Greigestone ™

Ledgestone Ozark Bluffs Beige

Graystone Granite ™

Cobblestone Cascade Mountain Granite

Glen Eyrie Rosestone ™

Redi Rock Brown

The above examples of colors designed for Fractured Ledge can be incorporated on to any Stone Strong ® pattern. These colors above are available anywhere in North America, and intensity of color can be customized just for you. Please remember, however, that any custom color range can be created, not just the above! Contact us today about any custom color range you wish for, we’re here to help!

Stone Strong ® Potomac Pattern

This Stone Strong Retaining Wall project was constructed adjacent to beautiful natural stone. A stunning, 6 color process with a gorgeous, high-end, natural stone finish, with The Most Natural Colors on Earth ™ customized just for this site, create walls so believable that people cannot find where the natural stone blends with the Stone Strong ®. Contact us today about our 6 color process that looks just like natural stone!

Stone Strong ® Chiseled Granite Pattern

Stone Strong ® Chiseled Granite was the perfect choice for this lake house beach wall. The standard three color process was customized just for the setting. The owner directed the color selection, and directed the intensity of the color during sample panel creation. He was thrilled with the results and will enjoy this lakefront setting for years to come. Contact us today about a standard 3 color process for Stone Strong ®, knowing that Exact Match will customize the colors you need,  just for your site, right on site.

Stone Strong ® Tennessee Foothills Pattern

This Stone Strong ® Retaining Wall pattern is laser mapped from actual retaining walls in the Smoky Mountains. The Most Natural Colors on Earth ™ which we exclusively create and apply, bring Stone Strong Tennessee Foothills Pattern to the look of natural stone. We were given some natural stone to match the wall to, and we did so flawlessly, with a 6 color process. Contact us now with any questions about Stone Strong ® color, we’re here to help!

Questions? Need Help With Color Selections?