Inventors of Exclusive Techniques and Problem Solvers for the Toughest Challenges

Inventors of Exclusive Techniques to Fix the Toughest Color Problems: Our Experts Take The Stress and Frustration Away

Put the very best to work on your behalf! Over twenty years of experience as industry pioneers means that we’ve seen and corrected it all, with 100% success! We understand the pain and stress caused the color problems we solve as well as we understand the technical side of our work. We love helping people and we truly care about the success of each and every project. It’s who we are. We alone have the technique and innovative solutions which we invented specifically to resolve those pesky problems that used to be “impossible”, or “hopeless”, causing headaches and that would cause good people to stress, worry and lose sleep at night. When we are called in to solve that pain projects close out quickly and that budgets, margins, future opportunities for work and reputations are preserved for all.

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. This is true as our technical team faces new and different variables with the problems we resolve for our clients. Each of the proprietary, the highly specific techniques which our company has invented were created a result of a friend in the industry coming to us to express frustration about a problem they and their colleagues were facing. When a fix seems impossible, Research and Development Team goes to bat for our clients. We find, develop, and then field and lab test a new way of looking at an old problem. We have often needed to engineer custom equipment, create and release a new product line, and take our expert approach to the work, and every time, our clients receive the benefits!

New Fixes For Block Aggregate Color Created By Exact Match:

Block aggregate color can now be recreated to match existing block, even if multiple aggregate colors, in varying sizes, need to be matched. What the industry deemed impossible, Exact Match now does every day as needed, all across the USA. If a split-face block wall needs to be repaired or an addition made and the block cannot be found or matched, Exact Match can stain both the background color and the aggregate (small rock speckles throughout the block). These small rock speckles can be recreated  and appear as though the exact same block had actually been located and installed. See the photos featured on the slide on the page above to see in up close for yourself, and call us for your next block color project!

New Fixes For Retaining Wall and Precast Stone Pattern Wall and Fence Color Created By Exact Match:

Exact Match has pioneered an even more believable, natural-looking rock color process than ever thought possible! The industry is abuzz with the news that the highest end rock pattern retaining walls will now have The Most Natural Color on Earth. Sheer, matte and natural as any rock wall would look, from the Pacific Northwest to The Southeast’s Panhandle, we flawlessly recreate the shades of earth’s beauty perfectly. Universities, stadiums, and upscale communities have all chosen custom colors for their retaining walls. With no limits to imagination and creative expression and a 30 Year Warranty and 50 Year Weather tested products, more and more clients are requesting only the very best, Exact Match.

Samples of actual stained Split Face Block with multiple aggregate colors recreated
Three examples of plain concrete blocks transformed to mimic the actual look of natural stone. Nearly infinite color combinations can be custom created just for your project!