Professional Associations

Professional Associations

“We have a decade long track record for not only giving excellent service and results, but for giving back to our clients just like you. Thank you for choosing us for professional masonry staining services. Your continued trust and support enables us to continue our research and development, pioneer cutting-edge techniques and develop new products which directly benefit the entire masonry industry. When Exact Match resolves masonry color challenges, and makes color limitations on masonry a thing of the past, owners are happy and architects won’t hesitate to spec and design with masonry again. When our clients hire us, they know that they’re working with a company guided by golden rule principals, and our clients know that we work hard to give right back to the masonry industry with our volunteered time and memberships. Thank you for making that possible.” – Jennifer Gill, President

Exact Match Masonry Staining™ is a member of The Pennsylvania Concrete Masonry Association (PCMA), as well as a member of The Masonry Contractors Association of America (MCAA), The Cast Stone Institute, and a proud supporter of The Mid Atlantic Masonry Association. The Masonry Institute. These are among the nation’s most prestigious and hard-working organizations for the promotion of all aspects of Masonry.

Thank you for having a great service that helps our industry!

Joyce Greer

Former Executive Director, The Masonry Institute

The PCMA is dedicated to support, promote, and expand the use of concrete masonry and related products. Their important work includes development of future masons through support and education for Vo-Tech programs and ongoing masonry testing and improvement of products. PCMA is an alliance formed by over 40 block and concrete masonry producer members and fine associate members involved in various aspects of the masonry industry also interested in supporting this important cause. Our President, Jennifer Gill, is serving her second, three-year term on the Board of Directors at PCMA, volunteering her time as well for the Membership Committee and also serving as Promotions and Sustainability Committee Chair. Jennifer’s efforts also cross over to work on membership for the Cast Stone Institute and either she or Vice President, Matthew Gill, can often be found at the CSI booth at trade shows such as World of Concrete where we volunteer our efforts to promote Cast Stone.

Supporting the Brick Industry, Masonry Contractors, Masonry Workforce Development Efforts:

Exact Match Masonry Staining continues its commitment in promoting the interests of the masonry industry with the Mid Atlantic Masonry Association, which combines membership of associate members, brick, block and mortar producers, as well as masonry contractor members. Exact Match serves Mason Contractors on a national level via our assistance to the MCAA, or the Mason Contractors Association of America. From Demonstrating and educating in person at events such as MasonryPalooza for MCAA, providing education sessions for the Masonry Instructors Association of America,  to conducting annual one hour webinars led by Jennifer on how to prevent and correct masonry color problems, Exact Match works hard to promote and provide education for the industry. When masonry color challenges are met head on and quickly resolved with the ideal solution we provide, owners are pleased with their buildings, architects will not hesitate to spec masonry and concrete again next time.

Thank you for supporting our business, as we very much enjoy giving back however we can to such a great industry filled with great people whom we consider friends as well as colleagues.

Exact Match Masonry Staining™ is also a proud member of the following organizations:

Non-Combustible Concrete Construction

PCMA is also part of a coalition group to promote Fire Safe Construction through Balanced Design using smoke detectors, sprinklers, and compartmentation by concrete based products. Please visit the Pennsylvania Fire Safe Construction Advisory Council website for more information about how PAFSCAC is working to make positive changes to the building codes at the state and local municipality level to improve property protection and life safety in multi-residential and industrial structures by promoting compartmentation through balanced design.

Non-Combustible Concrete Construction