Wash Down Damage Repair Cast Stone Project

Wash Down Damage Repair Cast Stone


This beautiful Cast Stone building was nearly complete when a wash down mishap caused acid burns and color damage throughout the project. As a trusted member of the Cast Stone Institute, Exact Match was the recommended resource for color correction. Also, experts from companies which produce cleaners and other products were called out to review and offer a solution, and none had a remedy or recommendation besides Exact Match. While wash down issues such as wand marks, acid burns and more can happen unexpectedly on any project, its good to know who to call when they do, Exact Match Masonry Staining.


Exact Match arrived on schedule and carefully washed the Cast Stone to neutralize any remaining acid. When the Cast Stone was dry, Exact Match restored the color back to the original, sheer, natural and consistent gray color expected for Cast Stone that the owner and architect had originally wanted. Once the building was stained, the architect requested our custom, compatible, breathable sealant for the final step, as an added layer of protection. When we left, the stone was completely restored and all were very pleased with the results.