Cast Stone Project Gallery

Whether our services are needed for a custom color for a complete color transformation or final touch for branding purposes, or for color correction, Cast Stone Institute producers and their referrals trust Exact Match time and time again when the unexpected happens with color. Premium building materials require expert and flawless color correction. CSI members call us to resolve color issues for even the most challenging and high profile projects across the USA. There are no drawbacks whatsoever to using our process for Cast Stone correction, and no negative effects whatsoever for staining. Cast Stone is a premium building material, known for its density and strength. It takes a product designed specifically for Cast Stone, which will absorb into and integrate with the face of the Cast Stone, for an as permanent color correction that will not fade or change. The results are breathtakingly beautiful and yet remain completely breathable and always allows moisture to escape and our product is specially designed to never trap moisture into the Cast Stone as other products can. Creating that high-end final appearance expected with Cast Stone, in just the right sheer and natural color or blend of colors expected, with no maintenance, is now completely possible. Architects can also spec Cast Stone with complete assurance, knowing that no color issue will present itself that cannot be overcome. ASTM Weather Testing proves that our product endured UV and Freeze-Thaw testing beyond 50 plus years,which is when the testing cycles were ended. The end result is as natural appearing as any Cast Stone is expected to be. We flawlessly get an exact match for stone, whether lighter or darker to assist with:

  • Incorrect ordering
  • Change Orders
  • Custom Requests
  • Color correction for patching
  • Restoration of color after patching and repair to original color
  • Visually “aging” or “weathering” new cast stone for historic restorations
  • Correcting wash down mishaps, wand marks and color fading
  • Correcting stains caused by packing material and yard or site damage

We also provide patching services upon request.