Services for Insurance and Restoration Companies

Masonry Staining Services for Insurance and Restoration Companies

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Insurance companies and Restoration contractors turn to Exact Match for cost-effective color correction of all types of masonry fill-ins and repairs, keeping both insurance companies and their insured property owners
happy with the results. No more living with a mismatched repair. No need to consider how to tear down and throw away brick and mortar, buy new brick and mortar and pay for the installation of all, just to avoid small mismatches. No more delays while a mason is on the phone for hours, calling around the USA to find a brick or block that “might be a little closer”. Repair with in-stock masonry right away and call Exact Match.

• Cost-Effective
• Non-Invasive
• Fast
• Results Guaranteed
• Property value and resale values are preserved

When a vehicle slid on an icy driveway and in to this house, knocking out much of the center brick column on this homeowner’s garage, the insurance adjuster involved knew to call Exact Match right away. The install was done quickly with uniform colored, in-stock brick and available mortar. We were the finishing touch and took the repair to the exact match it needed to be.