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Staining concrete block presents special challenges which Exact Match’s team knows and handles with great expertise and 100% success. Architects can design with block knowing that Exact Match will remove all color limitations that may or may not arise along the way. Architectural block is chosen by architects everywhere because it is not only a beautiful, sustainable, enduring, high-end looking material, block is critical for protecting property and human lives during natural disasters such as fires, tornadoes and earthquakes. When trouble happens, people run to and rely on the safety of beautiful block buildings all across the USA. They deserve to be treated with only the very best, industry recommended, natural looking and maintenance free-color. Even the highest quality block may need staining for a custom request, and color variation is possible with any masonry, because the products used in manufacturing concrete block are natural and mined from the earth. Color variations are sometimes expected as a part of the natural beauty, but when they become excessive or a problem, we can help.

As a long standing member of the PCMA, which works closely with the National Concrete Masonry Association, we have pioneered techniques and products for our good friends in the block industry and their customers to guarantee results regardless of the need. Whether staining ground face or even polished ground face block, block, split-face block, rib face block, rock face or other texture, and from exterior SRW ( Segmental Retaining Wall Block) or an interior application on a completed building, we have the answers to these color problems and more.

Special techniques and often customization of our exclusive products are needed for each situation, and rest assured, we have what it takes to get Exact Match results.  Amazingly, our team has been able to correct the background color of ground face block while not changing the color of the aggregates. Please see our Binghamton University Project to view the amazing results.  Our team is able to match split face block even down to matching the aggregate colors as needed. We have also corrected special issues, including aggregate discoloration, efflorescence damage and more.  Exact Match can even correct multi-colored, swirled patterned or other intricate block colors with natural looking precision, as shown in our gallery and more.

Needing a refresh for a concrete block building of any texture? Painting is not industry recommended for beautiful block. Paint creates a permanent maintenance expense, and is often seen as an eye sore, taking a high-end, beautiful product and making it appear low end with thick paint which will quickly peel and fade at best, and at worst, it will trap moisture in to the block, causing spalling (chips of block itself flaking off) which is irreversible damage.  When you need color on block, there is a better way. Contact us. As always, our work is maintenance free and will not fade, change, or trap moisture or cause any future maintenance issues. Architectural block should not be painted, but the industry recommends our product and process for changing the color of your Concrete Block. Contact Exact Match today for help with these issues and more:


  • Can match aggregate color or colors exactly as well as background color
  • Can often change background color for some block without changing the aggregate color if requested
  • Can match exactly swirled or multicolored or patterned block
  • Additions to block buildings
  • Historic Restoration
  • Adaptive reuse of building in existence for other purposes
  • Refreshing of block color for restoration purposes, or when cleaning block is not enough to fix the appearance of soil built up
  • Re-branding or refreshing as needed for attracting a new tenant or owner or for the new tenant or owner
  • Fill ins and repairs on aged or unavailable masonry
  • Discontinued or unavailable masonry
  • Custom color requests for branding or to change the appearance of block for any effect needed
  • Cost prohibitive requests for production of unavailable block
  • Aggregate color mismatches or aggregate variations changing the color appearance
  • Rust or other undesirable color for aggregates
  • Efflorescence damage color restoration
  • Wash down, wand mark damage, and acid burn color correction
  • Color differences of any cause
  • Color and sheen differences both, of nearly any cause
  • Graffiti removal and color correction of shadowing or remaining graffiti
  • Graffiti prevention with our Anti-Graffiti Coating
  • Any imaginable reason to change or transform the color of block