Hamilton Historic Restoration Project

historic restoration


Exact Match™ has expertise for how to match brick on historic buildings. We always recommend choosing a uniform colored brick, the same size and similar to exact texture to original brick, and our team will take care of transforming the color. Special ordering brick that is closer but doesn’t match ultimately is a waste of effort and money, when often times what brick yards have close by will often suit the purpose without any delays, shipping, or special orders.


Matching antique brick was a challenge for the architects working on Hamilton until Exact Match Masonry Staining, LLC was called in to consult. The Architect chose to resurface damaged brick rather than replace it. The brick in the very center were left alone completely, because a sign for a new business was being placed, therefore we stained resurfaced bricks on the outer perimeter.  We provided the brick staining, matching repaired brick color with historical accuracy.