How to Make Dirty Cast Stone Look Clean and Brand New Again

staining limestone


Gentle cleaning is ineffective, yet aggressive cleaning damages Cast Stone permanently, and risks damaging windows, doors, metal and brick and interferes with customers on foot. Exclusive products and specially developed equipment let Exact Match take on the headache and risk for FM teams so they can move on other issues and we get 100% success for Cast Stone color restoration, guaranteed.


Cast Stone on the bank was fully restored as though it had all been replaced, enhancing the image and branding of the bank Ask about our proprietary coatings which can also be added to help Facilities Maintenance team going forward, saving costs for future maintenance as well. Only Exact Match is recommended by the Cast Stone Institute for expertise in Cast Stone color correction, and there’s a reason why; We’re an Exact Match for Cast Stone and the solution guaranteed for how to make dirty, darkened Cast Stone look clean and brand new again.