Manufactured Stone Projects

Exact Match Masonry Staining is the nationally recognized, trusted resource for how to match stone color. For warranty repairs, fixing faded, pressure-wash damaged, out-of-date stone veneer colors, or  any custom color requests for stone, staining stone veneer requires precision, extremely skilled stone color experts and the right products, developed just for correcting stone color. Staining manufactured stone veneer is very skillful and intricate work.  When our work is done, clients are very pleased that they cannot detect the difference between the stained stone and the correct colored stone we flawlessly matched them to.

Manufactured stone veneer, as with all masonry, is created with natural materials. It is made to look as much as possible like natural stone,which is why some color variation is to be expected. When variation is excessive and becomes a problem, Exact Match Masonry Staining’s product and process are the industry’s winning combination to get the color problem resolved quickly, cost-effectively, and provide flawless results whether stone needs to be lightened or darkened.

For Custom Requests: Show us any color or range of stone colors,  you can have them on your own stone! Together, we can create the stone of your dreams.

We get an exact match each time for Stone Veneer to assist with:

  • Incorrect ordering or Packaging
  • Change Orders
  • Custom Requests
  • Stone dye lot mismatches
  • Discontinued Stone Color
  • Stone home additions or remodels
  • Blending Stone to coordinate beautifully with other materials on the home (siding or brick or other)
  • Custom Color Requests for National Branding or National Stone Accounts
  • Coloring new stone to match old or old to match new
  • Correction of color issues from manufacturing
  • Mismatch between corners and flat pieces
  • Correcting wash down mishaps, wand marks and color fading
  • Correcting stains caused by mortar haze or mortar slops

Ask us about providing custom color or coloration of product lines which are difficult to regulate color for during manufacturing. Our VP provides in plant consultations and will customize a solution to benefit both your profit margin and help meet your sales and production goals.