Our Products: The EXMS Custom Stain Series: The Most Natural Colors On Earth™

Exclusive EXMS Series Custom Stains: Choose The Most Natural Colors On Earth

If you’re looking for the premium, top-of-the-line, natural appearing and enduring staining system, specifically designed for flawless masonry and concrete color changes, congratulations, you’ve found it! When only the best will do, the EXMS Series Stain line up is what you’re looking for when you want to be sure the end results are nothing less than amazing and that the color is done right. Simply put: Masonry and Concrete Color Projects call for EXMS Stains by Exact Match, The Most Natural Colors On Earth™. Professional products are sheer, natural and breathable and don’t change the texture of masonry and concrete at all. Staining by our professionals leaves the masonry as natural in color as unstained masonry would be. Touching the masonry and looking at the masonry, passersby, as well as owners, architects, and project managers on site, tell us every day that the work we’ve done with our EXMS Series Stains is so flawless that it is undetectable from unstained areas. Others report that stone patterned precast concrete color projects look so real and natural that they are believed to be chiseled from natural stone. Precision and results like this requires a system designed specifically for flawless masonry color correction, incredible color transformations, and simply stunning concrete color projects.  EXMS Series is the system line-up known Coast to Coast in the USA and heard of around the world as the necessary “secret weapon” in the hands of the experts who know and create natural masonry color like no one else on earth, Exact Match.

Each of our products is top-of-the-line and carefully designed and thoroughly lab and field proven to tackle specific challenges. Every substrate (type of masonry or concrete) is different. Sometimes from block to block, panel to panel or brick to brick, or even from one mortar line to the next, there are differences to adjust the system for, and Exact Match’s team of experts only is trained to engineer our formulas and colors on site to compensate and correct even those differences. While we don’t change texture, we do have additional skills we employ as needed to solve problems.  At times, Exact Match is asked to add a sheen to polished block or stone in addition to changing the color, we’re glad to do it! For antiqued look or true antique brick lines, Exact Match can create a matching sand finish or white wash in an exact match to original or surrounding brick color as a finishing touch. The results are astounding. Because our product doesn’t change masonry and concrete texture even on walkways we treat, owners and architects have confidently chosen the EXMS Series. Most clients rely on their “broom finish” for necessary concrete texture on walkways, but in very special cases when an owner requests even more texture than “broom finish” on rare occasions for special clientele such as the elderly or potentially injured or mobility impaired patients in transport areas, we can offer a value added, textured grip additive to walk on upon request as part of our work.

Why do clients say they choose Exact Match and our EXMS Series over and over? It is a winning combination every time!

  • An as available 30 Year Limited Warranty against fading or color changing,
  • Natural, light fast custom colors do not break down (it’s the engineering).
  • Color is completely stable and not reactive when exposed to moisture (unlike acid stains which change over time).
  • Water based, environmentally friendly, very low or no VOC, no acid, no odor, and safe for use indoors for schools and even hospitals
  • Permitted for use in all of the USA as compliant with all environmental and governmental regulations
  • Breathtakingly beautiful results, with breathable, natural looking stain, which won’t trap moisture or cause spalling, chipping or peeling ever
  • No maintenance is advised or required after our projects are complete. *extremely rare exceptions for unique projects as is explained up front in those cases.
  • Absorbs into and integrates with the face of the masonry itself, removed only with the face of the masonry, generally
  • 50 Year ASTM Weather Tested under the harshest conditions possible anywhere in North America for both UV and Freeze Thaw exposure with no fading or color change visible
  • Able to be completely customized by our experts for any color or range of colors needed
  • Does not require sealant, however sealant, if desired for other reasons is available. Your choice of sealant for your needs may be selected from the highly compatible EXMS product line-up to guarantee excellent results.
  • Does not add “sheen” unless sheen is specifically requested, it’s a beautiful natural finish expected for masonry and concrete.
  • Does not change the texture of masonry, leaving a beautiful color transformation.
Masonry staining products

EXMS 100 Series:

An amazing product with the power to transform masonry color in a sheer and natural way.Typical Uses include stone and manufactured stone veneer, some mortar, types of brick, some types of Cast Stone or precast and more.

EXMS 200 Series:

This amazing product is put to work daily on many types of masonry and concrete color challenges. Some include stone, manufactured stone veneer, some mortar, types of brick, and types of block, Precast concrete, Cast Stone and more. As our other products, this is quite suitable for use on form liner molded precast with stunning results. This product can capture the look and feel of natural stone and other masonry and concrete beautifully.

EXMS 300 Series:

This amazing combination of brainy engineering, brawny endurance, and breathtakingly beautiful results make this product a choice of many architects, designers and owners. Architects, owners and designers choose EXMS 300 Series often, as it transforms mismatched, aged, undesirable masonry color or plain concrete to get an instant “Wow” reaction, with The Most Natural Colors On Earth, Your project manager knows best, but general guidance should consider 300 Series as great fit for brick, concrete block of all textures, unspecified precast, tilt up precast concrete, Large Format Retaining Wall block, pavers, most walkways and small format Segmental Retaining Walls or SRW block.

EXMS 400 Series Stain, Waterproofer and Anti Graffiti Coating:

This wonder of a product is chosen often for its high durability for its chemical resistance and unique properties for an incredibly tenacious and great looking stain, a top-of-the-line, breathable waterproofer, and amazingly so, even as graffiti protection when the owner or architect decides it is necessary. Changing the color of retaining walls, walkways, pool surrounds, cast in place walls, pavers, or as very unique, environmentally friendly durable non-sacrificial graffiti coatings. Graffiti is easily removed with one simple chemical, should an attack take place.  Ask about available subscription Graffiti Removal Services which are coming available in the USA for EXMS 400 Series users as an added value. Our clients explain that it is nice to know that Exact Match has them covered for the “what if”.

Contact us today with your project’s name and details,  if you require help with custom spec, or PDF or printed submittals such as Data Sheets, MSDS or our Limited Warranty Letter for a specific project. We’re here to help!