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Experts at Custom Matching Stain for Masonry Products and Concrete Coast to Coast, Exact Match was just voted the US SBA’s Minority Owned Business of the Year 2016!

Exact Match is well known in the industry for having an elite field team of warm and friendly, service-minded professionals who are very exceptionally skilled at matching masonry and concrete. Project managers test as having perfect color discernment, seeing color differences most would miss, and project manager-trainees have a minimum of two years of hand-training before graduating to Project Manager. This unique and exemplary skill for matching stain with each substrate and color problem and rigorous training program enables our team to create true colors with exceptional precision,and helps ensure proper application and adjusting of the color as needed for excellent results on any masonry or concrete project, regardless of the challenges that arise with natural products like masonry and the many “what ifs” that happen along the way. Time is money, so bringing us on as the best not only gets you a great service experience and Exact Match results, you get our efficient staff, trained to take the fastest, most cost-effective route without compromising results ever. Pricing is reasonable when experts bring more than 20 years of experience to bear on each project get the work done right and efficiently.  Exact Match Masonry Staining™ is also blessed to have an excellent safety record. The field team is decorated with multi Platinum, Gold, and Silver safety awards from both the PCMA and The Cast Stone Institute yearly. Team members are OSHA 10 trained and certified. Our field team has the credential checks to gain access to the highest security facilities in the USA. Whether a military or government facility, a celebrity or other homeowner’s residence, a business or school, our team’s impeccable integrity, people skills, and ability to follow protocol are critical to the success of the project. We execute all of our work in every setting with utmost care. As a closely held and steadily growing family enterprise, Exact Match is a company with firm values of faith and integrity. Exact Match truly cares about their clients and this concern and “golden rule” living comes through in all that they do as a team and individually. Volunteer work, including Chair and Board positions in the masonry and concrete industry and contributing help with charitable organizations which care for orphans and poverty-stricken children in developing nations, and aiding homeless men, women and children here in the USA are an outward expression of an inward belief that it is truly better to give than receive.   “Being family owned, like so many of the masonry manufacturers, precast companies, and masonry and general contractors we serve, we give a personal touch and the same high level of service that we would want for ourselves. Unlike a franchise system, Exact Match doesn’t get bogged down with franchise fees, excess overhead, or “boilerplate” policies and processes that don’t make sense or benefit our clients.  We can and do maintain a national presence with our streamlined business model without burdening our clients with excessive costs and policies that could block our ability to offer the best service, best results, best product, and best warranty, backed by solid science, to our clients and all at the fairest price possible.” Jennifer Gill, President and Marketing Director

Jennifer Gill

Having won the prestigious US Small Business Administration Award as Minority-Owned Business of the Year,  2016, Jennifer Gill serves as President and Principal at Exact Match Masonry Staining™ . As founding and managing member, she runs the company and establishes policies together with her advisory board, and serves as the company’s Marketing Director. Her educational background is with Messiah College. With Marketing and Sales Management experience dating back over 25 years, and  20-year hands-on background in residential construction, from concrete footers and block foundations to roofing, and interior design, Jennifer enjoys many aspects of construction and contracting.  Her favorite role of her many here is marketing, promotion and advocacy for the masonry industry as well as meeting with and talking with our wonderful clients. As she is a Chinese American female, the first generation of her Chinese family to be born in the USA, we have the unique designation of being both Woman and Minority Owned. Active in concrete industry promotion since 2007, while at the same time working on her 10th year with Exact Match Masonry Staining, LLC , PCMA Chair Woman Jennifer Gill is serving her second, three-year term on the Pennsylvania Concrete Masonry Association board of directors as Promotions and Sustainability chair.  In addition to meeting with clients from coast to coast while working with Exact Match, Jennifer has led annual instructional Mason Contractors Association of America webinars available across North America to train masons on prevention and correction of masonry color problems, has provided  PA Department of Education accredited training for Masonry Secondary and Post-Secondary Instructors through PA’s Workforce Development initiative, and provides education for the National Masonry Instructors Association of America as well. Jennifer volunteers her time assisting the Membership Committee with the Cast Stone Institute as well. While her favorite role is as mother to five beautiful children, including the eldest two who have joined the family business, she leads women’s Bible study groups both in her home and local church, and has remained active in mentoring single and young mothers-at-risk, and supports charitable organizations which provide necessities and education to children in the poorest nations, as well as working with her local food pantry and local homeless shelter.

Matthew Gill

With masonry staining experience dating back to 1998, and a construction career spanning 25 years plus, Matthew Gill serves as Vice President of Operations, Safety Officer and Lead of Research and Development at Exact Match™.  Known as much for his perfect color acuity and genius-level creative approaches to solve the most challenging color issues as he is known for his friendly and service-minded attitude, Matthew is a humble expert and industry pioneer. Matthew began masonry staining by experimenting on concrete gray block staining in 1998 on a residential project with great success and began working on product development in the years that followed. By 2006, Matthew, Jennifer and their team of chemists were ready to bring our product line to market, and Matthew has led the development of several formula additions as well. Matthew has also responded to the needs of his friends in the block industry by pioneering techniques in which we can transform the background color of  concrete block while preserving aggregate color or recreating aggregate color as needed. Matthew hails from a multi-generational family of successful artists,  successful entrepreneur inventors and builders, and is a design-build residential contracting expert himself. Working beside his builder-father since the age of 5, his “on the books” construction experience dates back 25 years. From pouring and finishing concrete, laying masonry, repointing and installing manufactured stone veneer to grading and excavating and site prep for companies like John R. Gleim at the age of 16, to running his family’s business saw mill equipment, tackling framing, wiring and electrical work, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, installing and finishing sheet rock, laying tile, hardwood, and laminate flooring and carpet, installation of windows, doors, roofing, custom wood siding, finishing and building and installing custom built fine cabinetry and kitchen and bathroom design and building, home theater design and installation, sound engineering, and all carpentry, all aspects of both new construction and renovation, and everything in between, Matthew has a rich and thorough understanding of masonry, concrete, and construction. Matthew brings this experience to bear on every project he is called in to consult for. Besides being a father to five children, whom he calls his “blessings”, he volunteers his time in the community helping widows and those in financial need with his building skills. Matthew’s life mission is to build churches in developing nations and to continue his grandfather, William Quigley’s tradition of practical service and financial support to orphanages which take in the poorest, sickest, weakest and physically deformed who would otherwise never survive. Success to Matthew is working hard in order to have something to give away,  helping people, and truly giving back to help those who are less fortunate.

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Caroline Keeley

Caroline Keeley has been with Exact Match Masonry Staining, LLC since 2013 serving in various capacities. We are honored to have her serving as Project Coordination Team Lead. She brings her years of dedication, experience and service-minded professionalism to serve every client she and her department assists with excellence. Caroline and her team will gladly answer your Project intake related questions and will gather the details needed to move your project forward.

A large part of Caroline’s life has been centered around worship and ministry. She has spent time serving in Gressier, Haiti with Juniper Community Missions. She also lived for a few months on the Christinaville campus using her TEFL/TESL certification to teach English at their vocational school, as well as help Homeschool at the Children’s Home on their campus. 

Caroline comes from a family of worship leaders and has been a worship leader herself since high school. She graduated from Ocean’s Edge University with a certificate in Ministry and Worship Leadership in 2019, and had the opportunity to lead worship in churches all over South Florida during that time; including an Easter Sunrise Service on the beach in the Florida Keys! She was a Volunteer Youth Leader & Youth Worship Leader at her home church before going to school, and she looks forward to diving back into ministry with her fiance at his home church after their wedding this fall.

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