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The Most Natural Colors on Earth™.
True, Exquisite, Enduring Exact Matches
for Masonry and Concrete Color.

Retaining Walls That Are An Exact Match to Real Rock

Completed with The Most Natural Colors On Earth

Coast to Coast, 100% Success

Zero Maintenance, 50+ Year Weather Testing, 30-Year Warranty, No Fading and No Color Change

Expect To Have It All:

Stain your block and have your aggregate color, too.

Flawless Color After the Fact

Rather Than In The Factory™ Brick, Block, Mortar, Stone, Cast Stone, Precast, Concrete, Retaining Walls, Terracotta, Stucco & More

Efficient, Effective Experts

Service-Minded, Multi-Platinum, Award-Winning Team with Perfect Color Discernment

Upcoming Project? Questions?

Expert advice and guaranteed solutions for even the toughest color problems are a click or call away!

An Exact Match For America’s Masonry™

Need a match for brick, block, stone, mortar, pre-cast or tilt up concrete, Cast Stone, retaining walls, teracotta, stucco or a total color transformation? Welcome to Exact Match Masonry Staining™, where you’ll get the only industry-wide accepted, non-invasive, safer, faster, sensible, permanent and cost-effective answer.

…I apologize for taking so long to let you know what a great job Exact Match™ did on staining the stone on our house. Specifically, we were very impressed with Jennifer and Matthew, who were very professional, responsive and knowledgeable. I can’t recommend strongly enough to you to use this company only for your warranty work.
Laura Presley

Homeowner, Farragut, TN

Thank you for an EXCELLENT job matching the bricks in the foyer at Temple Beth Israel. I’d recommend you to anyone who faced the same challenge we did. Super work – I appreciate all you did for us!
Lou Lavetan

Owner, Sparkle Wash

Exact Match Masonry Staining, LLC is a top notch group of professionals that bring you an exact match for your masonry. Their service has been excellent on projects I’ve been involved in from government buildings to school buildings to commercial properties to small projects – bringing an exact masonry match with reasonable pricing and kindness and customer satisfaction.
Jeff Packard

VP, Centurion Construction

About Exact Match Masonry Staining™

Every day, Exact Match takes away the stress, frustration, embarrassment and losses of time, finances and reputation out of situations involving mismatched masonry, keeping deserving customers happy with the great quality materials they purchased and reassuring them of the high quality of workmanship they received.

We also work hard every day providing Custom Masonry and Concrete Color, completely removing Color Limitations for matching and custom coloring masonry, making it easier than ever for architects to design and build with beautiful, sustainable masonry and concrete products with Exact Match as your resource. Refer us confidently today or contact us to help!

Exact Match Masonry Staining™ is a Silver, Gold, and Multi-Platinum Award-winning masonry staining company, a trusted resource for thousands of USA based and international masonry manufacturers and distributors, masonry contractors, general contractors, property management companies and home and business owners.

What We Do

Fixing Virtually All of the Industry’s Color Problems, and Meeting Needs for Superb Quality Custom Color, here are just some areas of expertise: 

  • Brick and Brick Veneer, including special white washes or sand finishes
  • Mortar
  • CMU or Concrete Block Units: SRW Segmental Retaining Wall Block
    • Split-Face
    • Rock-Face
    • Ground Face
    • Polished Ground Face & All Architectural Block
    • Efflorescence or Acid Burn Corrections
  • Pre-Cast Concrete
    • Poured Concrete
    • Tilt-up Concrete
  • Retaining Walls:
    • Large Format Segmental Retaining Walls
  • Natural Stone, including limestone and more
  • Manufactured Stone Veneer
  • Architectural Accents
  • Indoor Masonry & Fireplaces
  • Pavers & Sidewalks
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Restoration Cleaning of Masonry
  • Masonry Sealant Application
  • Restoration Cleaning of Masonry
  • Masonry Sealant Application
Nearly All Porous Masonry Can Be Successfully Stained by Our Team

We provide services for coloring in the plant for manufacturers who turn to us to provide their flawless, consistent and limitless custom color choices, and a thirty-year limited warranty besides. We provide pricing for project bid requests, quote and quickly and flawlessly service color emergencies such as last-minute punch list items.

Who We Work With

From custom requests for new masonry construction, to overcoming challenges with matching discontinued or historic masonry, and adaptive reuse or restoration of masonry buildings, we have extensive and unique expertise with architectural masonry staining, and we understand and serve architects with excellence from the design and planning stages through the final walk around when the amazing end result you envisioned is complete.

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Masonry Contractors
The best new construction masons and restoration masons alike find problems with masonry color. Given the economy in construction, Exact Match can help projects complete on time, punch lists go away, payments get released on time, help protect profit margins.

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Home Owners
We understand that there is no place like home, therefore we take great care to provide excellence in service that you deserve every step of the way and the amazing results that we would expect on our very own homes. We transform and get an exact match for the color of masonry for new construction, renovations, repair and restoration and for additions.

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Masonry Manufacturers & Distributers
We have solutions for specific problems, such as efflorescence damage or discontinued masonry. We can also match and recreate aggregate colors as necessary. Exact Match also partners with manufacturers to provide custom color or to take over coloration of masonry products completely, removing the frustration, stress, callbacks and losses from producing colors that are difficult to achieve or control consistently in the factory.

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You’ll get superior customer service from you first call or email to us. You’ll be provided with complete support and answers from our highly professional office staff and experienced technical team when you or your customers have concerns or questions.  Expect a fair and accurate quote, quick scheduling, fast, non-invasive solutions to put the problem quickly behind you, and of course, Exact Match results.
General Contractors
General Contractors around the nation regularly depend on the Exact Match results we provide, the expert level of service from our friendly office team as well as our elite and industry acclaimed field professionals who are service-minded, fully insured, OSHA 10 Trained, and with an excellent safety record.

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Business Owners
Business owners can rely on Exact Match to assist with branding, revamping or updating the appearance of your building or complex, and all in a maintenance free way which increases the value of the property and boosts image, traffic, sales and profit. Whether interior masonry or exterior, and whatever the specific result or aesthetic needed, Exact Match can provide a plan of action for consideration.

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Property Management Companies
Commercial and multi-residential properties rent faster and more profitably when the masonry on the building appears vibrant and clean and updated, and when potential tenants know they can contact us to change the building color or colors for branding purposes as needed.

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Insurance Companies
Claims that involve repair of masonry can be challenging. Masonry is often discontinued when a repair is needed. Dye lot changes cause problems even if a home is brand new. Rebricking an entire exterior is not a cost-effective option in most cases for small repairs. Exact Match can provide an exact match for just the areas that are being repaired or replaced.

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We’ll keep you moving forward, assured that quick resolution will keep your customer loyal and happy. From your first call to Exact Match through the final handshake when your customer is closing the project and thanking you for a job well done, you’ll discover why we’re truly An Exact Match For America’s Masonry™

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