Staining for Mismatched Brick and Mortar


mismatched brick and mortar


The mason installed the brick and mortar with the closest match he could find, and our firm was called to transform the brick and mortar to an exact match.

This residential-turned commercial property required an expansion for the growing law practice housed within. The owner decided to reclaim the garage attached to the building as a conference space.


The owner of the business was hosting an open house for clients and connections and the work was requested just in time for the event. Those who attended to view the business in its new building had no idea that there ever had been a mismatch at all.

The Brick Industry recommends Masonry Staining as how to correct brick and mortar color for additions and renovations.

 Trust Exact Match with your addition or renovation. Realize the maximum value for your dollars spent on your addition by ensuring that your new addition is masonry and is an exact match.
This project was also featured in Masonry Magazine in July 2016.