Redi-Rock Limestone is Stained to Look Like it's Chiseled from the Adirondack Mountains

staining limestone


This lakefront home in the Adirondacks needed a series of beautiful Redi-Rock® walls, however the large, natural rocks, plus the stone on the home itself, brought two design elements together, and the Redi-Rock® wall seemed to add a third.

VP Operations, Matthew, is our nationally recognized Redi-Rock® color expert, and he was called in to strategize and create the perfect palette for the homeowners through several design meetings.


The Redi-Rock® Limestone was stained with a completely custom color range using five colors and a careful and artistic process that highlights the details in the pattern. The color of any natural nearby cliffs and the large rock sitting above were inspiration. Areas of the Redi-Rock® Limestone pattern area very intricately molded, but not obvious to a casual observer without color.

Now, these areas on the patter stand out in the most beautiful way, thanks to the carefully created and applied color which mimics the look of natural rock. We transformed each block very carefully to look as though there were natural high and lowlights, and even featuring areas which now appear that they sheared during quarrying, or wear in the elements over the imagined “many years” to show off layers of stone underneath.

Actually, just looking at the Redi-Rock® wall now, it is easy to forget that this stunning Limestone retaining wall was not chiseled from rock taken right from the earth. Trust  the experts at Exact Match™, and our exclusive process using The Most Natural Colors on Earth™ to provide the solution to any Redi-Rock® color need in North America. We’re an Exact Match for America’s Masonry™ and Retaining Walls!