How To Match Redi-Rock Cobblestone Walls to Natural Stone Flawlessly


How To Match Redi-Rock Cobblestone Walls to Natural Stone Flawlessly: Exact Match’s Color Process Brings Cobblestone Walls To the Look of Real Rock ™.

Although natural stone varies greatly from region to region, Exact Match has the process, color system, and expertise to transform Redi-Rock Cobblestone to the look of natural stacked stone, no matter what your project’s needs are or where your location is. Fewer and fewer owners are choosing to leave Cobblestone uncolored if the wall will be in view at all.  Plain concrete is incomplete.


Cobblestone is a preferred wall texture in many applications for its simplicity and Old-World charm. The look of stacked stone in Redi-Rock’s Cobblestone’s realistic proportions is truly beautiful when transformed by us from plain concrete to simply stunning, with The Most Natural Colors on Earth ™.

The Redi-Rock Cobblestone color was chosen by the owner’s rep who worked for the Town, and he wisely chose color was inspired by nature itself. Natural stone was carefully selected for our example color range from a skid of natural stone which had been delivered for landscaping work. The stone the Owner’s rep chose is positioned against the wall.

In some of the during and after photos throughout the gallery. The owner was thrilled that the wall color now looks so realistic that he would believe the natural stone had fallen out of the Redi- Rock Cobblestone wall itself.

Contact Exact Match today to find out how our work on Redi-Rock Cobblestone creates a high-end natural stone look to enjoy for years to come and can match the stone in your region.