Redi-Rock Ledgestone Is Matched to Natural Stone: DOT Project


After: How to Match Redi-Rock to Natural Stone


This NY State Welcome Center Project for the Department of Transportation included Redi-Rock Walls which enabled faster construction and an excellent, strong wall design which will serve visitors traveling through the area for years to come.

Redi-Rock uncolored was not the end result the DOT desired, rather, they want the result to be that of beautiful, natural stone.


Once the wall was installed with the natural looking Ledgestone pattern, the architect chose stone to be brought from from a quarry across the road from the site as the basis for the Pennsylvania Bluestone color which was to be stained on the Redi-Rock wall.

The natural stone color on the memorials near the wall were carefully incorporated into the custom color creation also. With our expert technique and process, using our exclusive EXMS 300 Series products, The Most Natural Colors On Earth™, there is no limit to the customization available for Redi-Rock walls.

The amazing end result, using an expertly designed, custom 6 color natural stone process, makes the Redi-Rock appear as though the wall had been mined right from the quarry across the road. Custom requests for accents and shading were honored in real-time during the sample panel creation to ensure that the DOT architects were and are thrilled with the results of their design. T

he color can be replicated on other DOT welcome centers, or customized to match stone in that particular region once again, whichever is preferred.

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