Redi-Rock Cobblestone Custom Color Residential Driveway Wall Project


Redi-Rock Cobblestone is finished with a beautiful one color process designed to add depth and variations in color intensity for a natural effect


Redi-Rock Cobblestone is a beautiful pattern used all around the world and is suitable for many settings. When Cobblestone is left uncolored, there is no guarantee of consistency of color for the concrete. The wall looks like plain concrete, which is acceptable in some settings, however, many owners choose to move on to truly complete their walls with The Most Natural Colors on Earth™, whether in a custom color or in one of our standard, natural colors.


This owner requested a highly customized color which worked best with their home and preferences. This Cobblestone wall was transformed with just a one-color process, however, our application method created the look of natural rock by careful artistry. Most owners feel that one color for Cobblestone is a minimum for the wall to look complete, however Cobblestone also looks amazingly natural and higher-end than ever with a three color process or better. Ask us about getting The Look of Real Rock™ on your Cobblestone wall today.