Redi-Rock On Mount Mansfield is Stained to Match Natural Stone with our Exclusive Mansfield Summit Gray

staining limestone


Mount Mansfield and the terrain in Vermont require carefully engineered wall designs which are installed to gain more useful land for owners. While functionality is vital, aesthetics are equally important for these beautiful walls. Rather than accept a large expanse of plain concrete to mar the look of the terrain, the engineers and installers contacted us for a custom version of our popular New England-inspired color, Mansfield Summit Gray.


While we do offer several Standard Colors, Mansfield Summit Gray, being one of them, we frequently customize the color range specifically to suit the preference and natural rock color on site, to provide maximum value for the owner of the wall. The stained Redi-Rock is as stunning from a distance as it is up close, where the detailed veining and color accents weave together with the three predominant colors designed to match exactly to the blasted rock on the site.

Owners appreciate that they can actually create a “rock wall” that does not contain any of the unwanted variations in color that occur in nature, but emphasize and use only the color range that they find attractive. The result, using The Most Natural Colors on Earth™, is that this impressive wall system now looks as though it has been blasted from one of the most beautiful parts of Mount Mansfield.  Contact us today for your quote and plan of action or to design your wall color.