Cascade Mountain Granite Redi-Rock® Retaining Wall Project



When the homeowner decided to close in the garage and add another room, this increased the home’s value. Unfortunately, there was no way to match the brick, and therefore,  she chose a patterned brick that seemed “close”.

When brick sample boards show a mismatch, remember that the mismatch will be far more dramatic when placed on a larger scale on the real wall. Exact Match suggests that homeowners purchase a brick in the same size or texture, and ideally in a uniform color.


When we’re called in for advice and guidance early on in the process, we guide homeowners to the most cost-effective plan of action possible. Often, choosing a uniform brick that is in stock and allowing us to create the colors to match gets the best possible results.

When a brick home has an addition done in brick that is an undetectable exact match, this increases the value of the home in a substantial way. The homeowner was thrilled to see the results and increase in the value of her property and so pleased about having the living space she needed on the interior. We’re an exact match for brick additions, Coast to Coast.