How to Color Redi-Rock to Match Sandstone or Light Colored Rock

staining limestone


This winter activity center needed a very subtle palette of color which would look best in the snowy environment it would be seen in, requiring natural looking color.  Plain Concrete is Incomplete™, and the owners knew that plain concrete, with color shifts due to rain or during snow melt, or natural weathering would make a poor impression on visitors.

Custom color was needed to achieve a subtle result that would complete the wall so that the owners could Control Their Color™. Owners may wonder what to do about needing subtle color. Region by region and site by site, color needs for Redi-Rock can vary, and we understand this better than anyone.


The owners chose the 3 color process which is typical for Ledgestone, and chose our convenient option to lock in the precise colors in during the sample panel creation which we perform with all decision makers present who wish to have creative input. This allows us to adjust the color intensity as needed to suit preferences and the surroundings and lighting on the site.

Our Redi-Rock color expert created and shifted the subtle colors at the owner’s command, while carefully guiding the design process with his own decades of expertise as well. Color design for custom color is better accomplished right on site, factoring in the natural lighting and the surroundings in the environment.

This incredible value added upgrade to customize intensity of color is always included with our services. Exact Match has the solution and expertise to creating the subtle color to complete your Redi- Rock retaining wall, guaranteed. Call us today for a quote to have your wall completed with the Most Natural Colors on Earth™, exclusively by Exact Mach.