Masonry Staining by the Color Experts

Custom Masonry Color Staining and Color Matching for Brick, Stone, Concrete, Block & More

Exact Match Masonry Staining specializes in creating custom natural colors for concrete, block, brick, stone and more.

Color problems can plague even the best. You deserve advice and service from the only experts who have engineered exclusive, as-permanent fixes with The Most Natural Colors On Earth. Go ahead. Bring us your toughest color problems, and worry no more. Put it all behind you: no more headaches and sleepless nights over mismatches and project delays, or stressing over color that just won’t turn out right; we’ve got your back. We Fix It Fast and Keep YOU Moving Forward.

Home owners, precast concrete companies, and concrete block companies alike trust Exact Match Masonry Staining for masonry color correction and custom masonry color. We specialize in staining all varieties of masonry, from concrete, brick, and block, to natural and manufactured stone. From one natural looking color to intricate, multiple color applications that bring to life the look of natural rock with beautiful precision, we provide sheer and natural custom color guaranteed not to fade or change. We offer a 30 Year Limited Warranty (as-available) backed by 50 Year Weather Testing, making Exact Match the industry’s best solution for masonry color and staining.

concrete retaining wall staining

Facts About Our Masonry Staining

  • Experts at matching even multi color or swirled colors
  • Experts at matching Aggregate Color for Concrete block
  • Custom colors of any kind can match any other colors on the site or any color scheme for branding
  • Color is as sheer and natural as any unstained block and are undetectable from unstained units
block retaining wall staining

Problems We Tackle For You

  • Color correction for dye lot or color mismatches
  • Fixing color efflorescence damage
  • Correcting wash down mishaps, wand marks and color fading
  • Color Matching new masonry to old masonry
  • Color Matching old masonry to new masonry or renewing the appearance
block retaining wall color

Why Customers Depend On Us

  • Immediate, dramatic boost in color quality, giving a clear competitive edge
  • Custom color is possible on any block pattern at any time
  • Guaranteed exact match
  • Excellent service experience for home owners, precast companies, and installers
  • Results repeatedly exceed customers’ expectations
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