Fixing Cast Stone Color Problems on A Medical Center

fixing cast stone color problems


The Cast Stone on this North Central US Hospital and Medical Complex had some color issues which developed in the first few years of the installation. Cast stone color problems were impacting the image, and while the building was newly constructed in that section, the appearance was a disappointment and did not promote the image the hospital wanted. Inspections were done and reviews of the issue, and no one involved at that time was able to determine a specific cause. Determined to find the solution to correct the problem, for several years, the hospital’s construction management and lead architects never gave up looking for an answer. After much research, the team located Exact Match Masonry Staining and contacted us to review their project.


While most projects can be reviewed by emailed photos thanks to technology today, our VP Operations was requested to meet on site due to very special circumstances to review and diagnose the problem. Matthew helped the team by gathering his report of findings and then carefully engineering a recommended course of action. Matthew returned to manage the project personally, and carefully custom created a formulation that would address their problem and correct the color and appearance long-term.  The project required restoration cleaning and staining as well as sealant, although sealant is not necessary for our staining system, occasionally an architect or owner desires sealant, or a special circumstance makes an extra layer of protection advisable. Our custom designed, breathable sealants are guaranteed to be perfectly compatible with our stain system. When Exact Match took over, all involved were very glad to put the problem behind them and get back to enjoying the appearance of their new building.