Fixing Cast Stone Color Variations

fixing cast stone color variations


High-quality Cast Stone is a beautiful, premium building material, and like all materials, it can be impacted by color issues. While this may cause concern and stress, we assure you that these problems are quickly and as-permanently resolved by our process and the results solve the problem so no one will ever even notice that a problem existed at all. Tearing stone out is never the industry’s recommendation for color alone.


Exact Match™ is the solution that the industry advises and relies on regularly to get flawless results, because there are absolutely no drawbacks whatsoever with our process. This Cast Stone project was impacted by darker sections and darker bands in the Cast Stone color of unknown origin, which did not impact the quality at all, only the color. Exact Match corrected the dark bands by lightening them up flawlessly to match the surrounding areas. No stain was needed to be applied  to the areas which were not incorrect in color. We only stained the areas that need to be color corrected. This is why efficient, expert team members here at Exact Match provide the best value possible. We have the knowledge and skill to perform work very efficiently and to exacting standards. The owner has received the original project expected and even more, as the project is covered under a 30 Year Long Warranty against fading or color change.