Victoria’s Secret Custom Color for Cast Stone

Victoria’s Secret Cast Stone Renovation Project

Victoria’s Secret has a worldwide presence and elegant branding. In these cases, Exact Match is called in because only the very best will do.  The flagship (best and most high-profile) store was being remodeled and up-fitted in a dramatic way, and the marketing and design team worked closely with our VP Color expert to create the ideal color samples.  While Pantone color chips are helpful, and our artistic process alone can match spot colors while still keeping the stone texture visible through our sheer and natural color. No other process can even come close. By contrast, thick and gloppy coatings that others resort to to try to match color are actually masking the true beauty of the precast and Cast stone, and cheapen the look of the building while causing expensive maintenance costs for as long as the building stands. Ugly fading, peeling, and chipping ruin brand image as well. Exact Match is 180 degrees different, and our process leaves the precast as sheer and natural as if it had been manufactured in the custom color of choice to begin with. There are no drawbacks to our process whatsoever, and never any maintenance, just long lasting, natural color that won’t fade or change, and won’t ever peel or chip!

We created a site work plan with the shopping center and GC to very carefully to allow night work to take place around the flow of customers. Performing color-related work with precision at night is nearly an impossibility, but not with the techniques and special site planning that Exact Match’s team employed. In the end, when all of the work requested was complete, the team was thrilled with the end result and the fact that the high-end Cast Stone was not masked by the custom color, but rather enhanced by the maintenance free, natural appearing stain system. The result is as natural as you would expect any Cast Stone or Precast to be, but was transformed to the elegant shade of pink that will enchant and draw in customers for many years to come.

Exact Match can tailor our process to enhance your brand image and create an elegant, high-end, zero maintenance, natural and unique look, setting your brand above the rest, with service anywhere in the USA regularly offered, and worldwide service upon request.