Post Office Block Restoration Project

Damaged Ground Face Block Restoration and Mortar

This postal service sorting facility was plagued by a defective foam insulation problem during construction and was seeking a quality block restoration solution. High quality, custom block had been chosen as a highlight for the new building. Due to the defective foam, the block appeared old, worn, mottled in color and badly damaged even before construction had been completed. Despite many man hours wasted and costly, harsh and risky cleaning products of every kind which were applied and wasted, nothing available on the market today could resolve the issue. Our cost-effective process is ideal for block restoration, and Exact Match’s plan of action allowed workers and mail to flow in and out of the facility while our team set to work restoring the block to the fabulous appearance that a brand new building deserves. Make Exact Match your first call in this type of situation. We’ll fix it fast and keep you moving forward.