Matching Ground Face Color Without Changing Aggregate Color

Matching Ground Face Block Color Without Changing the Color of Aggregate

Block is expected to have some variations in color as part of the natural beauty of masonry. When some of the block on this new school building was too dark for the owner’s preferences, Exact Match was called in to make the fast and flawless correction to the color. When the school explained that they wanted to change the background color of the block but not hide or change the aggregate ( small speckles throughout the block), Exact Match adjusted both formulation, color and, using our own exclusive technique for application, we did change the background without disguising the aggregate colors, delivering just the results the school district hoped for. With color problems crossed off the punch list, the GC and Mason were glad to close out on time and turn the building over. The owner appreciated our exclusive, no-odor, low-VOC, environmentally friendly stain system, especially since the work was indoors in an elementary school.