Fixing Acid Burns on Concrete Block

Fixing Concrete Burns on Acid Block


This block project was chemically burned by an acid wash at the end of construction. Great care must be taken in how masonry is washed, and unfortunately, when chemicals are too concentrated, left on too long, or pressure washing is done at too close of a range, mishaps occur. The good news is that we fix the damage flawlessly and permanently as though it never even happened. The beautiful block changed color and the owners worried that there was no solution in sight. Fortunately, concrete block experts referred this busy fairground maintenance supervisor to our company for help. The photos show a progression of the wall being restored to its original color, without any further maintenance or concern on the owner’s part. Our process leaves block just as natural to look at and touch as any unstained block. We have solutions for even matching block aggregate color as needed. We are truly an exact match for block color, coast to coast!